The Veil Audio Commentary is done!!!

Veil Audio.jpg

Hey Everyone,

We are finally done putting together The Veil Audio Commentary. It's nearly six ours of additional stories and insight into the writing of the book and the content within. I got the idea from the director commentary tracks often found on DVD and BlueRay versions of movies.

Check it out in the store. Hope you all enjoy!!!

Seeing In The Spirit Workshop Now Available

Hey everyone,

    We just finished producing the recording of a workshop I taught at last week. It was a lot of fun, a wonderful group showed up. I shared my testimony as well as a few key stories. We also had a pretty extensive question and answer session. The whole thing (nearly four hours long) is available in the store for fifteen bucks. It's currently available only in MP3 format. We're working on getting a CD produced, but it will probably have to be an edited down version due to the limits of CD capacity. So if you want the whole workshop grab the digital version over in the shop. More updates coming soon.



The site has launched

The Veil
By Blake K Healy

Hey everyone,

      The site has finally launched... finally. This will be a great place to keep up with anything I'm doing, as well as get in contact with me if needed. Soon I will start a weekly blog with new stories and updates on future book releases. Let me know what kinds of things you'd like, I'm definitely still exploring many options. 

      I'm working to add an online store to the site so that I can make messages and workshops available. In the mean time, The Veil is still available in paperback and Kindle versions on You can click the image to the left to go there. 

     Thank you for your patience as I continue to work to bring everything together. More updates soon!